What does convicted driver insurance cover?

As a driver with convictions, particularly some of the more serious ones, your first thought may be about the possibility of ever being able to get yourself back on the road due to your eligibility for an insurance policy.

While it is much harder to obtain, specialist insurers have spent time perfecting their ability to offer drivers with convictions the most suitable policies for their circumstances. Specialised insurers take convicted drivers on a case-by-case basis as they understand that there are some convictions that are not intentionally done and are much less severe than others.

What types of convicted driver cover are there?

There is a large number of convictions related to driving, each with a code specifying exactly what bracket and what type of conviction was committed and what endorsement was placed upon their licence.

Here are some of the more well-known convictions you’ll find:

SP30 Conviction – This conviction is obtained by driving above the speed limit of the road you’re driving on. There are situations where obtaining this conviction could have been an unknown accident. If you are driving in an unfamiliar area and miss the speed signs, you may find yourself having to assume what speed you’re supposed to be driving and if caught out, you could find yourself receiving a conviction. Alternatively you may just be ignoring the speed signs completely, but either way, you could end up with a fine, and points on your licence, or even a ban if you’re speed is extreme.

DR10 Conviction - In obtaining this conviction you may have engaged in driving while under the influence of alcohol. This is considered to be dangerous and reckless and could potentially land you with a long driving ban. With most convictions, some people can do it unintentionally, perhaps driving the following day after a night out, thinking the alcohol will be out of your system, but finding out is isn’t when it’s too late. This conviction often offers a choice to take part in a Drink Driving Rehabilitation course which can help your ban.

IN10 Conviction – Driving without Insurance is far easier to do unknowingly than most people think. If your policy has been cancelled without you knowing or you haven’t read the policy correctly, you can find yourself unknowingly driving without insurance. Regardless of this it is still illegal to drive on UK roads without at least the minimum requirement of insurance. There are also others who blatantly ignore the law and try to get away without insurance; either way, if you get caught, the penalties can be severe.


If you are in the market for a convicted driver insurance online quote then you should research for a few insurers that look like they specialise in covering convicted drivers, and also make sure that whatever conviction you have, it is covered by the insurer.

Most insurers that cover convicted drivers will potentially cover the majority of the convictions, but this is also impacted by the severity and the specific details of each case. Due to this, it is beneficial to talk to a specialised sales team to ensure you are fully informed on what insurance policy is best for you.